New Release: Bit Champs! (and our first project with Urho3D!)


I’m happy to announce the release of Bit Champs, a fantasy fighting game inspired in the aesthetics of first gen consoles and arcade game mechanics.
The team is just me and my brother. We like history, music and games.
We both do game design, my brother all the art and I do the coding.
For this project we used blender and Urho3D and I think we will keep using it because of the many features but the most important is the cross platform compilation.
Urho3D’s documentation is clear and if you have any doubts about something you can have a look at the code which follows the same guidelines.

The game is free.

Here is our video trailer, you can find download links in the description:


Congratulations! I wish I could have a brother to do half of the work :slight_smile:

Haha, yes! and we have a significant age difference, almost 14 years between us.

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As you know we are building a new website and we need a positive spin, so I wonder if you have time to PR a blog entry about your project in our news section . Good work by the way.

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Yes we would love to be included. We will working on it. Thank you.

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