New Skybox textures

I generated new textures for skybox. May be used in Urho3D examples?


These are quite useful, as you can make the fog color almost white and the terrain will fade nicely.

Can you make a double resolution (1024x1024) version? I’d say it’s worth it to bump the quality at the same time.

Done. Now fog is white. 1024x1024 px.
Link in first post.

Has been pushed. I adjusted red & green curves slightly downward to make it more blue and reduce brightness a bit to match the scenes.

Idea for next step:
Realization multilayer skybox with animating texture layer.
For designer this give best tool for making variations of skybox.

It like in Torque3D:
“Three separate cloud layers will be rendering and moving across the sky slowly”

Its clouds not volumetric or generated in real-time (could be best for performance)

Without layers

With layers

Torque 3D skybox tutorial

I know about bad optimization and hard code in Torque 3D.
I like ingame tools in this engine.
Also skybox, 3D water waves, and seamless indoor-autdoor scene managment based on zones and portals.