Nice library

Hi Guys,
Nice library with working shadow out of the box.
Good performance with large number of walking avatars.
Haven’t try lighting deeply yet, but large number of lights can display on my machine.

What is the easiest way to show normal or parallax or animated character or terrain?

Apart from all the nice things. The naming of the library can be offensive to some people.


Try as I might, I simply can not imagine how anyone could possibly be offended by the name.

I, too.

[quote]Origin of the name

Urho (Finnish for ?hero? or ?brave fighter?) was a legendary, tyrannical king among the fish. He always hunted without mercy. Sadly, he passed away on 6th November 2009. This engine was originally called Bofh3D (hinting at the covert goal of reimplementing the game BOFH: Servers under Siege in 3D, which still stands) but was renamed to Urho3D in his honor. [/quote]

Thanks Sinoid I have read that.

Sorry if I made a stir :slight_smile:.

As when I read it, it sound’s like.

You’re whore.


Hah! I don’t think that counts. I once worked in a project called “URMS”. Try read that out loud. :smiley:

FWIW, every time I see the title of this thread in the forum list now, I mentally hear the words “Nice library. Be a shame if something bad were to happen to it.” Uttered in some sort of gruff 1930s gangster voice. Don’t know where that came from.

Would you consider our currency (?) more or less offensive?
Pronouncing Urho