Ninja Snow Angel Crash

Am I the only one who can’t play Ninja Snow War with the latest master?

[Fri Jan  8 14:58:38 2021] INFO: Compiled script module Scripts/
[Fri Jan  8 14:58:38 2021] ERROR: bin/Data/Scripts/,5 - Exception 'Null pointer access' in 'void SpawnPlayer(Connection@)'
AngelScript callstack:
	bin/Data/Scripts/ SpawnPlayer(Connection@):335,5
	bin/Data/Scripts/ StartGame(Connection@):302,5
	bin/Data/Scripts/ Start():90,9

Most scripts seem to throw several of these warnings:

[...] WARNING: Scripts/Utilities/,13 Signed/Unsigned mismatch

Works on Win 10. With what options did you compile the engine?

Must’ve been build leftovers, works again.

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