No Octree raycast for Terrain

Could you show me a quick positive Raycast to an Octree Component Terrain Node *?
My raycasts work for other creatures(‘n’ of them’) but never for the Terrain…

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if(diffTime>dalekI->firingTime) {					
				Vector3 myPos = -dalekI->getNode()->GetPosition();
				Vector3 dir = cameraNode_->GetPosition() + myPos;
				dalekI->ray1 = Ray(myPos, dir);
				PODVector<RayQueryResult> results;
				RayOctreeQuery query(results, dalekI->ray1, RAY_TRIANGLE, 2000, DRAWABLE_GEOMETRY);
				if (results.Size()) {
					RayQueryResult& result = results[0];			
					Node * hit = result.node_;
					if((Node *)terrainNode == hit) {
						dalekI->boolShot = false;
						logMe2("DALEK FIRED at terrainB!!!!", i, i);
					} else {
						dalekI->boolShot = true;
						logMe2("DALEK didn't FIRED at terrainB!!!!", i, i);
				} else {
					dalekI->boolShot = true;
				if(dalekI->boolShot) makeMeAnotherMissile(dalekI, scene_, i);
				lastTime = nowTime;
				dalekI->firingTime = (rand() % 4000) + 2000;		 						
				((CDalek *)dalekI)->myTimer->Reset();


Please format code properly.
Also, what do you mean by “doesn’t work”?

Hi Everyone!
I was able to get around the situation by 1) ray testing for CameraNode, and, 2) only firing the shot if the query detects the camera. This way, I don’t get bullets flying through the Terrain…! Neat!

Lord Fiction

I think the issue is here. Terrain is not a geometry, therefore it cannot be returned from octree query.
You may get one of terrain patches tho.