Node based material editor


No, because I had to use WPF to speedup development. There are plans to utilize AvaloniaUI for cross platform but not at the moment.


Yeh it’s possible :wink:
I think it’s more easy to use Xamarin.Forms + GTK+ and WPF.
As you know it’s supporting now and i think you can run UrhoSharp on that.


New version allows you to pick multiple folders. Unfortunately I had to change file format to make naming consistent. I hope it’s the last breaking change for a long time.


Perfect/ I’ll try it at Monday :wink:


Thanks! By that time I hope to finish deferred pass generation and simplified material creation so you won’t need manually wire shadow map to light if all you need is a default diffuse lighting model.


After i added folders i again i cannot open my scene


My I ask you to send me a screenshot of your folder settings?


@glebedev do you mean asset directory?



No, I mean the dialog window that appear when you click on “set resources dir” in the main menu.


this one?


Hmm… Maybe there is a bug due to space in a folder name. I’ll check it tonight.


Btw did you restart the editor after setting the path?


Yes. I did. It’s same.


Sorry for the big. We’ll fix it asap :slight_smile:


It’s ok :wink:
thanks for responding


I can not reproduce the issue :frowning:

And then I use

To load scene


Can you spot the difference?


I’ve made a workaround. Now the app offers you to copy file in the right folder. Let’s see what happens now.


I don’t know why. but this time worked well. :smiley:


Good to know :slight_smile:
Btw here is what guys made yesterday with the editor: