Node based material editor


A live stream of making an effect:


Really looks perfect. NICE
Do you have plan for DirectX ?


Yes, we do. I am not profound in DirectX personally so it depends on my teammates :slight_smile:


@Zamir added a model preview:


I’ll be streaming another example tomorrow. You can subscribe to the channel to ask questions and comment live :slight_smile:



@glebedev What is the license ?
I generate something and i want to use it and i need to add license to project.
Also it’s good to generate license header in output file.

I Hope you can finish DirectX as soon as possible.



The source code will be released under MIT when it’s stable. I don’t think license applies for the files produced by the app. It’s like a Photoshop - you don’t need to include Photoshop license file anywhere if you made textures with it, am I right?


Ok. so simply i’ll copy generated file. thanks again


Hlsl support and “ifdef” nodes are in progress. Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Upcoming feature teaser:


Just in case you are wondering what’s the state of the project. Here is a video to demonstrate new features:


Nice. Do you have plan to release it soon?


It should go to open source and open beta soon. We improved UI responsiveness, first experience (start material template), some features added. The only thing that bugs me is matrix multiplication. The 4x3 matrix called that after D3D but order of multiplication is following OpenGL pattern. I think I’ll keep OpenGL order but should I rename matrix then?


And compatibility with previous release is broken :frowning:


And compatibility with previous release is broken

I think this is not a problem from my point of view. i can reproduce what i have.


Presets are coming to the editor:


Default material:


itch version is updated now.


This is really cool. Congratulations on your amazing work!