Node based material editor


This is really great. PERFECT. :clap:
I can see you already start directx :slight_smile: I really need that.

This perfect project should be include into the urho by default.


Omid, could you help with the translation to directX?:thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


what do you mean ? !!!


translation from GLSL to HLSL


Ah. Yes. sure. why not. :slight_smile:


Cool! It goes open source and open beta today. I’ll send you a message.


GOOD NEWS! :slight_smile:


It is done.


When I try to watch the video on the page it says:

“Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.”


Ok. This is strange.


yes, it is, but you can continue viewing in the youtube directly


Of course, but this is clearly unintended behaviour. Providing workarounds doesn’t equal fixing bugs. :slight_smile:




@glebedev Might Vimeo meet your needs?


I can’t stream to Vimeo, only YouTube and Facebook :frowning:And recording and uploading isn’t an options as I don’t have much time to do it. It is way easier for me to do it live.



u’ll make in the future possible to export to a script like a .glsl/.hlsl/shader/technique too?


It already creates a material, technique and glsl shader. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Here is an example of material made with an editor:

Each butterfly is a quad with animated “wings”. Everything is animated on GPU.