Nodes appear vertically flipped with Release build type

I have a Urho3D 1.5 based digital signage application which generates some flat rectangular models and textures them with images.
This has run fine on Raspberry Pi 3 and Intel AMD64 cpu’s for quite a while.

Recently, I’ve tried building against different hardware (I’ve had to rebuild because the new HW does not support some of the instruction set for the older platform) and I’ve noticed a common issue, where my textures will appear flipped vertically.
This only appears when linking against the Urho3D library built with Release build type.
Has anyone run into anything like this?

Maybe related to the -ffast-math option?
If that’s the case see Problems with 3D samples on Win10 and Weird output for any program for potentially related issues.

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Thank you!

Commenting out the -ffast-math lines from the Urho3D CMake module seems to have done the trick!