Nodes/Objects flickers/disappears on scene

Hey guys , i created several nodes and static models on a scene which i’m viewing from above .

However when i zoom in/out , the items flickers and disappears (reappears when i zoom in) . Sometimes it works fine , other times not .

I’m not really sure whats causing it

Camera view/draw distance maybe?

Is there any function to set that ?

CamNode = scene.CreateChild(name: "camera");
            camera = CamNode.CreateComponent<Camera>();

            camera.FarClip = 300000;

            CamNode.Position = new Vector3(0.0f, 200.0f, 0.0f);

Did you set the bounding box of the model correctly? (If you loaded the model from from one of the included Urho3D models this won’t be a problem. This is probably only a problem if you generated your own model/meshes on the fly at runtime.)

Do you think you could post a screenshot or animated gif?