Not a valid win32 application

I have found a problem when testing my application in another PC: Im getting an error that it is not a valid win32 application. I tried to recompile Urho and the application, forcing URHO_64BIT=0, but the error persist. The same exe file runs perfectly in the PC where I compile it: Windows 7 64 bits, Visual Studio Express 2012.
Any idea about whats failing here?

Did you install the C++ runtimes on the target PC? You can download the redistributables here: … x?id=30679

Alternatively, if you don’t use Urho3D as a DLL you can use the CMake option -DURHO3D_STATIC_RUNTIME=1 to avoid depending on the runtime DLL and link it statically to your exe instead. You’ll need to use that option both in your Urho build, and your application.

Tried both solutions, same problem.

List the library filenames that the application links with. You can do this in a variety of ways from the Visual Studio commandline tool to DependencyWalker that you can download free.