Nyra(Character) model for engine tests

Hi all.
Browsing in internet i find this:

A nice free model, and i’m ported this to blender and to Urho3D for test the shaders, light, shadows and texture maps(Materials),
the model need some fixs, but here have the base.

Here the link with the sources and models, for the original need go to the video description.
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28070491/URho3D/Nyra_Model.zip 125mb.
Please download now, in a few weeks it takes away from Dropbox.

Model and Textures by Paul Tosca. All credits to Paul Tosca.

Thanks all.

What licence to this model?

No idea, no find license in the web or video, only say:

  • “I have given away some source files for this character … mainly with the idea to help others that might be on the road to becoming game character artists and want to check out the model/textures/psd layout and what not … but do with them as you wish.” - “do with them as you wish”.

I give all license/attribution to Paul Tosca.


Character fixed(eyes and others), added alpha…
In the same link.