Oblivion Lost: Online

For several months now we have worked on the reimplement of famous game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Lots of hard work has already been done to get basic game features. The last test was demonstrated the network part, inventory, weapon switching and environment content. Now we are working on AI, anomalies and weapons.

Key features:
- The project is completely free and offers in the future fully open source code
- We set ourselves the goal of carefully transferring all the best and remembered to the players
- A completely open and seamless world

Footage from last closed test:

Our imgur page: http://tederis.imgur.com/


That looks really interesting. Will definitely try it when it is out. Also look forward to the source code and hopefully you will write tutorials on how to do all the stuff, e.g., modelling,lighting, etc, especially about the workflow.

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Nice work! I’d be curious as well, if you had time, to see your workflow on building levels for your game. :slight_smile:

I am truly impressed with your work. You seem well on track to capture the immersion and beauty of the original series; fans take notice…

I’m also curious to see how you were able to handle stair stepping for the character controller. Struggling a lot trying to make it work with Bullet, but still far no luck.

Roughly 2 months have passed since the last video and during this time a few new things were added.
First, we realized our own particle system. It is similar to the particle system of original S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Then we added complex anomalies like Vortex or Springboard. Weapons and equipment were significantly improved. Now the weapon makes sounds and you can see the bullet tracers.

Russian community - https://vk.com/oblivionlo

If you are going to make your project open-source, don’t be afraid to do it ASAP.


At the moment the game uses third-party commercial resources, the distribution of which is prohibited by the license. These resources include many configuration files from the original game. The source code will be released immediately as the game will be separated from the proprietary gaming resources. Next, the game resources will be distributed separately from the source code.