Open Jam 2018 🍇


I thought this jam might be a nice oppurtinity to show the world what Urho3D can do.

It starts in two days.


Are you planning to participate? It’s been a while since I participated in any game jams, but unfortunately because of the school and everything else I will not be able to participate in this one, so maybe next time.


I’ll participate as LucKey Productions. Anyone who would like to join the cult in this can do so on Gitter under one condition:
:scroll: Thou shalt use only open source software in the creation process.

Currently I’m planning to make a game featuring Urho as the main character going through some maze which would be called A Mazing Urho. But this might change as the theme is announced, after people join in or when I conclude it’s a lame path to go down. :slight_smile:


If you mean the fish then you should reach out to Lasse to see if he has any good photos of the actual fish you could use for texture-source/reference.

I know that would make my day.


@Sinoid In my opinion this will do for now.


The “fake eye” could be better.


@weitjong Agreed. All the textures are something close to sloppy placeholders. Here’s the blend file. :wink:


Apart from sharing the repo I’m glad to announce @kostik1337 has joined LucKey Productions in this jam!


Good luck guys! By the way, that name is just perfect!


The deadline has passed. You can try out and rate our entry through this page:


Any chance to get web version of the game?
People like web stuff.


@Eugene It tends to be nicely cross-compatible too. @kostik1337 will attempt to build a web version today. You can join the Gitter room if you (or anyone else) want to help out. I failed last time I tried and am taking a day off. :woozy_face:


And he did it! :smiley:


I have some minor issues with the canvas behavior (Chrome 69.0.3497.100).
When I open the game, it’s:

  1. Too big for my browser window, I have to move browser tab onto another screen and maximize it.
  2. Getting fullscreen when I click the tab - IMO it’s not how browser tabs should beahve by default.
  3. Hides the mouse - quite pointless if you play the game w/o fullscreen.

I don’t know how hard it is to mitigate these things tho.

Controls are unusual too.
I like the idea, will eventually try to finish the game.


@Eugene It needs some work, yes. :slight_smile:
The movement is a bit like a dancing game in that timing is important. In the future I’d like to more clearly hint at the right moment to press a key through the swim animation.


I was also lost at the rhythm-like bit. There really didn’t seem to be any cues (that I caught on to) to clue me in that it had a rhythm factor to it. I think Emscripten might have hurt there, the framerate seemed to wave up-and-down constantly on the machine I played it on.

I came into it with probably too much of a pac-man’ish expectation.

It looked quite nice though for a hasty jam game.


Personally I think the swimming works surprisingly well (for the time spent on it) once you get the hang of it. Although I agree it needs some further tweaking.
The ideal moment to press a button is right before you arrive at the center of a square.


@Eugene and @Sinoid, the web version has been updated. It is confined to the frame now.


Oh, it’s much better. It works on my laptop, comparing to previous one. I even completed abou 50% of the level.
The remaining issue – when I press Up, the page scrolls. I had to keep my hand on the mouse and un-scroll it.


The newly added fullscreen button should get around that problem.