Open-source CryEngine fork

That’s quite interesting. Power move by Amazon in hopes of creating a community?

Apparently Lumberyard was such a bad name that they went for none instead?

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O3DE requires Windows 10

GG next

Most likely a move by Amazon to shed an unproductive project, imo. Lumberyard has failed to gain any significant traction, and I suspect they just want to wash their hands of it.

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Anyone used lumberyard? It sounded okay when I read some bullet points years ago, but it took a long time for me to realize it existed.

Their article on their networking component/‘gem’ was interesting. Idk how strong Urho3D’s networking is in comparison.

If I were Amazon, I’d probably call it Javelin.

Heh. I like such comments.
I wonder if they are generated or there are man-hours spent on copypasting or writing these:


Gotta reach those line quotas.

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I guess crytek is ‘super happy’ about this :wink:

This codebase would make me feel right at home.

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