OpenGEX 3D format

Came across this, thought I would mention it here for consideration.

“The OpenGEX format was created because Collada, the open standard that we all hoped would provide a well-supported asset exchange format, has proven to be an unreliable mess. The most common source of problems has been the poor quality of the Collada export plugins available for software such as 3D Studio Max and Maya, and we attribute this to Collada?s over-engineered design and its mutating under-specified format.”

Comparison with collada:

Has plugins for blender, maya, 3ds…

i export anim models and static models directly from blender to *mdl with add-on for blender.
and i’m thinking what the better to make plug-ins for all these editors, than to use some intermediate format.
Plug-ins can be enhanced with new features that can be expanded with the development of the engine.
Side of the intermediate format will not.

Something dahlia mentioned in IRC when I linked to a discussion on OpenGEX, is that if is any good, assimp will have a converter (and I believe they do?).

I happened to look it up earlier. I guess they do not have it yet, judging from the issue is still open.

OpenGEX 3D format looks more clean then FBX and DEA format.

Oh now that is beautiful, really love the structure and hex floating point storage especially.