Ozom Nightausent: Toad

He is very much exorcited. As is demonstrated by this workout in progress…


Welcome to Ghotiland!

Oh noes! It’s the (coin operated) robofrox… :scream:

Humanity’s most anticipated cliffhanger! I’ve been messing around with mocap and for some reason I kept remembering that toad working out.

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On the lookout for now… waiting for Dolly. :slight_smile:


That looks cool. The toad matches with the giant default mushrooms pretty well, haha.
What game are you making?

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I think he prefers calling them (toad)stools. :wink:

Ozom is the mascot of Dry; I’ve been modifying its samples, and replaced Jack, Kachujin and the mutant.
That last shot is from the latest sample 18.

Reminds me of Battle Toads!!!

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How much Ozom?