[PAID] A small simple game app Developer [$100-$900]


A basic app where the camera needs to move in 2.5d scroll type motion.
The camera needs to tween between 6 scenes in a fixed simple path.
With it an animated character needs to move (no user interaction, simple scripted animation).
All logic is made. Content is also made (blender).
all requirement would be explained in detail, using hand drawn pics, a/v chats if required.

Can be either 2d (parallax side scroll) or 3d, your choice.

All Bones animation done / if required .scml would be provided.
Blender export is working for static model. I did not try bones.
There would be no user interaction directly affecting any animation or motion :wink: so stuff is pretty simple.
All artwork would be done by me (blender).

Open to other free engines :confused: but i think urho is pretty cool.

Would be looking for real long term relation.

costin would depend on, if you are learning or workin as a professional and can work on integrating adv. apis on mobile platform.

Your c/c++ basics should be clear, rest can be made to work.
You can help to export bone and bone animation IF any issues (not tried).


Also open for barter model :slight_smile: for workin