[PAID] iOS developer - video chat with integrated Urho 1500-3000$


We are developing a video service with an integrated graphics engine Urho3D for the imposition of live masks and other objects on the interlocutors during the call. We have development branches that need to be merged:
1.Insurvey of content into the application and its rendering by the Urho3D graphics engine (the engine itself is already inserted, there is documentation for working with it within the framework of our project) based on the coordinates of the dlib library
2.Introduction of all functions of the engine and content in the video call (WebRTC), which is already ready and working
3. Debugging Results
4. Finish the project according to the fully prepared UI


  • Sure knowledge of Swift
  • Knowledge of the iOS SDK (Foundation, UIKit, WebKit, CoreGraphics, etc.), the general understanding of iOS architecture
  • Experience with C ++ libraries and graphical engines
  • OpenGL
  • CoreGraphics
  • Experience in developing client-server applications
  • WebRTC
  • Websocket