[PAID] need help getting 3DS Max models properly into urho3D


i have two rigged car models in 3dsmax format and i need to format them into .mdl and .ani so i can use them in urho.
when exporting the fbx i do get weird results (rotations all over the place, missing textures etc) so my project is twofold with a possible bonus:
1- i need the exported mdl model to look very close to the original and to be repeatable. so if you achieve it via tweaking certain values or using certain scripts i need to learn how to do it. (i need the knowledge more than the result)
2- since both cars are rigged i need very simple .ani animations to open/close the doors/trunks. opening the door in 3dsmax is super easy with the included helpers and it’s always just 2 keyframes representing 2 possible rotations of a certain component (example : a door can go from rotation 0 around a certain axis in frame 0 (door closed) to a rotation of 60 degress around the same axis in frame 1 (door open). that’s it)

a 2x bonus is available if you can make an exporting script/tool in 3ds max to generate the .mdl / .ani straight from the original model (like reattiva’s Urho3D-Blender plugin but for max)

please pm me with a quote or for more details if you are interested
cheers :slight_smile: