Painting 3d-thingies

I spent this weekend coding on something to draw 3d images, minecraft like.

I do admit that the code itself is terrible and does very little optimizations. Despite it lacks just about everything, I still decided to share the small ugly uncommented code.


    <technique name="Techniques/NoTexture.xml" />
    <parameter name="MatDiffColor" value="1 1 1 1" />


    <technique name="Techniques/Diff.xml" />

Here is some pictures:


F5 shows some button instructions.

Edit: 27.12.2015

  • added skeletal structures, still missing animations.
  • Some minor optimizations of removing missing faces, if there is another face next to it.


  • updated mostly animation things, like ability to add/remove animations

  • Still lacking the ability to actually save animations.


  • Animation saving
  • Changed the texture to make the blocks have darker edges, so they are much more visible.
  • Squashed quite some bugs.


  • Added file-menu
  • Added button to try different textures.
  • Fixed a bug when the drawing canvas is moved, it was drawing cubes on wrong place.

this implementation is pretty cool. it reminds me of 3d texts but with boxes