Parallax Mapping

I modified some Parallax Mapping samples I found online to work with Urho3D. Feel free to give me some suggestions and other stuff.Brick_Screenie_23

Older Version (Height Map from Diffuse Alpha):

Slightly revised version (Height Map from Normal Map Alpha):

Right now there is
-Normal Parallax Mapping
-Steep Parallax Mapping
-Parallax Occlusion Mapping
-Relief Parallax Mapping


You ought to use something like Github. So others could contribute and perhaps prevent your share from dying.

Other than that. It looks neat so far.


Maybe even merge it into the PBR sample?

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Switched the height map from the diffuse map alpha channel to the normal map alpha channel.Rocks_normal

There’s some strong sawtooth with a gray border there. Is it an asset issue? Could MSAA fix it?

Not sure TBH. I know that the sawtooth is because of how the parallax is done, but I’m not sure how noticeable it would be with a better height map. The gray border could be cause by the post effects I’m using, probably the FXAA. MSAA could fix it, but I think it’s unlikely. Could turn up the maxLayers to maybe get rid of it, at the cost of performance. I’ll look into it.


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Doubt the shader is good enough to be merged. Would be cool but someone who is better at this than I am would have to redo some bits, I’m sure.

I didn’t necessarily mean “right away” or “unedited”, but rather I meant merging as an extension of the steps proposed by @S.L.C. It becomes easier with a git repository.

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