PBR: getting light from Skybox/Skydome?

I’m trying to use the PBR pipeline in Urho but i’m a little confused about the current implementation. It seems that the Skybox lighting information is not used at all. Do i have to create it in a special way?

I’m trying to use this HDRI skies: https://www.viz-people.com/portfolio/free-hdri-maps/

I’ve created a Skydome, but i don’t think that Urho supports reading info from that since it acts just like a normal mesh. Then i converted my panoramic HDRI to a cubemap and applied that to the skybox, but no lighting information at all. Can someone help me with this?

You will need to place down a zone in the level. This works like a reflection probe, once you generate a cubemap it should work. I recommend you filter the cubemap in something like CMFT before using it so it samples correctly at higher roughness values

Like a postprocessing zone covering whatever is inside the skydome? Does it need a special name or something?

In case of the PBRExample this Zone component is loaded with the scene:

What are the possible values of the zone texture? Always a cubemap?

Currently it has to be a cubemap to work with PBR

Thank you for the info!