Perhaps some useful UI components


Edit: changed screenshot, again.


That is really great! I will check it out.
Can I adjust the background images for these components?

Changed code and UI.png to be able to change tab color. Pull the repo you will seen green tab/body now.

Edit: and with that, you should be able to change every component’s background color now.

Nice work! Thanks!

@Victor, I hope you can make a good use of them:)

Repo update: edited UI.png to add colorable checkbox.

I suppose I can rename the checkboxGroup class to Radial something.

Thanks for these.

@sabotage3d, there’s more to come :slight_smile:

@yushil, I added a UI-NoColor.png and DefaultNoColorStyle.xml in the repo for you. Be warned, you’ll have to manually change the color for everything that you create.

Thank you for sharing all these. I will try it out. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

preview of what I’m working on, inspired by godan’s Iogram:

progress: this is coming along nicely, see pic below.

Currently, my interfaces to access data look like this:

Variant var = outputNode_->GetCurrentValue("Ni");

float x = outputNode_->GetValueAt("Xi", ballList_[i].time);
float y = outputNode_->GetValueAt("Yi", ballList_[i].time);

I think that’s simple… not sure if it can be simplified more.

Nice! Is it currently possible to antialias the lines?

No, I haven’t added anything. But I think 1vank or someone added AA on debug lines about a month ago. I think same could be applied to the linebatcher.

Anyway, checked in my latest code that includes node graph.

Woo, you are making great progress! Nice to see node graph built solely on Urho3D, not depending on other UI libraries. Looking forward to other exciting components…

Awesome work! Looks great, will check this out. :slight_smile:

Nicely done! Node graphs FTW!

Thanks. I hope I’ve written enough to be a good foundation for others to build on.

The node graph is amazing. Thank you.

I looked into this and this doesn’t work like the debug lines as I previously thought. All batches are rendered by UI class, and I’m not sure how to specify anti aliasing for a specific batch. Maybe someone in the community has a clear idea on how to fix it.

I am getting some errors on OSX. This is the log:


void SetCheckedInternal(bool enable);

is defined in: Urho3D-UI-Components/Source/Urho3D/UI/CheckBox.h

Try changing the two fn params in the .cpp/.h files to:

    void SetRange(const Variant &vmin, const Variant &vmax);
    void SetCurrentValue(const Variant &val);

I appreciate the PR once you verified it’s fixed.

edit: and I’m not sure what this error means:

/DEV/Urho3D-UI-Components/Source/Samples/61_UITest/TabGroup.h:59:27: error:
      extra qualification on member 'GetTabElement'
    TabElement* TabGroup::GetTabElement(unsigned idx);