Pihvin: Raspberry Pi Case

Inspired by @urnenfeld’s UrhoBox project, I’m working on a Raspberry Pi casing: The Pihvin
Urhopihvin translates to mighty/hero steak, vin is the Dutch spelling of (fish) fin, and it starts with Pi. :grinning:

Its shape is derived from a fish model I made earlier and a Pi4 casing. The space above the Pi could house a drive. @cadaver Is that close enough to where Urho got bisected? :wink:


Always wanted to turn that Arduino into a controller:


Canonically, he was bisected just on top of a pizza box, but that gets the point of bisection across too :slight_smile:

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You are a pizza box! :mushroom: :fish: :pizza:

Urho has seriously deep lore.

I also like how the shape turned out similar to that of a Dune windtrap.

In games it provides power and is constructed by all factions, while in the books it is a Fremen structure that collects moisture from the air in a dry environment, filling up underground basins.

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