Poor error handling in Navigation query methods

Everyone can see PR’s and discussions with them. So anyone could potentially participate in the conversation.

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So everyone who had access to see my PR, whether they tested or not, effectively ignored it, and nobody is in charge of actually merging the changes?
I’m not sure what to make of that. For now, I’ll just post my changes on my own fork. I have a copy, there’s a copy on another system, and people can see it if they want to. I can link to it, everyone’s happy.

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Yes, almost all viewers ignored it. No one tried to test it, no one commented about the state of the PR and sadly that’s when everything stopped. In the past months the activity in the main repo has decreased, but we can still make it better by actively participating in the PR reviews. Your provided changes are still actual to this day and I would like it to get merged, but not without additional testing and feedback.

Don’t be discouraged to submit your changes, engine needs improvements and don’t let your first PR experience get in your way.


I won’t be submitting PR for the time being. But I will link to my changes, and there is a record.

Can we continue the discussion in the PR?

check ur mail :wink: I have responded.