Porting SCP - Containment Breach to Urho3D?

It would be nice to have a complete open source game implementation (beside Ninja) on Urho3D for reference. Recently I discovered “SCP - Containment Breach” for a first time. It’s a complete game made with Blitz3D under CC license (as it’s derivative to SCP which implies CC on it’s derivative work).

Game website https://www.scpcbgame.com/

The game is available for various game engines now:

Blitz3D: GitHub - Regalis11/scpcb: SCP - Containment Breach

Irrlicht: GitHub - juanjp600/SCPCBIrrlicht: SCP - Containment Breach on the Irrlicht Engine

Unity: GitHub - ricky-daniel13/Faithful-SCP-Unity: SCP UNITY

Would anyone be interested in making a Urho3D port of the game?