Precomputed Atmospheric Scattering

Interesting implementation:

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It is a fantastic implementation (even better now that the codebase has been rewritten), highly GPU compliant with beautiful results… as seen in several videos like this.

You can check out Bananaft’s Zarevo experiment, it does have some nice atmospheric scattering among other stuff.

This stuff is damn beautiful. How expensive is the precomputation? Is it something that could feasibly happen in game, or does it take hours (eg. for the stuff that @Bananaft did) … ? I would love to have generate geometry and precompute lighting “just in time” before it was visible to the player.

Hello. My method is fully dynamic. Its also just an artistic coding and has nothing to do with physics.

Here is the basic formula:
And another version with more mild colors:
You can drag sun with mouse in both of them.

In terms of performance it’s pretty light for a modern system.
Current github version is a bit broken, sorry.

Oh, very cool – I just looked at the images and assumed you were using the same technique.

Has anyone tried Eric Bruneton’s code? I got about half way through attempting to compile the sources on OSX, but gave up. I’ll have a go on my Linux box when I get back to it …