Prevent passing through objects

Hi all,

Quick question. I have the following : A player. The player is a model with a rigidbody and a collision shape.
: 4 Walls, a floor & ceiling, each with rigidbodies and collisionshapes.

Question: How do I stop the player from being able to pass through the walls/floor/ceiling? I can do the simple method to check if they’re out of bounds and then change their position back but that isn’t as fluid and doesn’t work perfectly sometimes.

If I remember correctly, In Unity it was possible to alter the Rigidbodies somehow, and it would cause the body to stop as soon as it hits another one. I was wondering if it was possible in Urho too.
I played around with rigidbodies a slight bit and a way for me to stop going through walls but as soon as I touch another rigidbody, it applies a force to my player that causes them to float away.

Many thanks for the help!

Sample 18 has a custom component called “Character” that handles the interactions for a player: