Problem applying textures to Jack

I’m trying to apply the Jack textures to the Jack models in the 13_Ragdolls demo.
I have followed I3DB’s instructions above but I cannot get any of Jacks textures to display. In fact whatever texture I have loaded for the floor gets used either on Jack’s head or body. Any tips? Am I missing something obvious?

Are there any error messages in the log about unfound resources?

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Could you share the code used to apply the textures, btw?

Yes from the Ragdoll demo I add the lines at line 146:

modelObject->SetMaterial(0, cache->GetResource(“Materials/JackBody.xml”));
modelObject->SetMaterial(1, cache->GetResource(“Materials/JackHead.xml”));

where the xml files are identical to the ones above.

Jack assumes the stone texture from the ground plane.

Now you mention it there are ERROR messages.
I’ll see if I can resolve that.

OK Its working! I needed the Textures path in the xml files for the body parts:


Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Now its working shall we improve the 13_Ragdoll demo?

Could you share a screenshot of that?


Hm, I can see why (probably) @cadaver left him untextured in the samples.

What does the community think?

  • I like Jack better with these textures
  • I’d prefer leaving Jack untextured
  • Opinion void

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