Problem with Morphs export from Blender

I creted two morphs in blender. I animated them and allways I export the model, logger give me warrning “Empty shape 1” and “Empty shape 2”.

How to correct export morphs from Blender? I use

Could you share the Blend?

I found solution

  1. Morphs doesn’t need animations in Blender.
  2. Shape Keys must be relative.
  3. In settings ApplyModifiers must be checked (under some time I can’t unchecked it if i have morphs checked, it is strange)
  4. Normals
    A) If model have flat shading Normals must be unchecked from Morphs export. But in Urho3D morphs will have not correct morphs = object can have holes on model edges.
    B) If model is Smoothed then Normals must be checked from Morphs export. Then it is correct.

Yes. I upload it on dropbox because forum can handle zip or blend files.

But since you solved the problem, I guess there is no need.

It happens :slight_smile: but for others when wants to check how to export morphs.