Problems in 'Using Urho3D as external library'


I was following this tutorial:

And encountered the following problem, which differs from the one in the video:

  • I tried different generators.

Please help me ! :slight_smile:

You need to set these vars in cmake
URHO_HOME= director of urho
You need set manual values and hit Generate
Sorry for english, my english is not good

Noting the “Use URHO3D_HOME environment variable or build option to specify the location of the non-default SDK installation or build tree.”…
What is visible of your setting seems to point incorrectly to […]CMake/Modules. It should be set to your Urho3D build tree/directory.

And (just in case) don’t forget the official docs, as it is easy to miss something, and the build system sees some frequent changes. Let us know how it goes… … brary.html

Add to CMakeLists.txt

set (ENV{URHO3D_HOME} d:/path/to/compiled/version/of/engine)

example: … eLists.txt