Problems with exporting animation from blender

So, I’m trying to export animation from Blender with this plugin:

However, during exporting process I have the “Object has no animation to export error” and .ani file is not being generated.

The settings I’m using:

The model I’m trying to export:

Any help will be useful.

Select “All actions” in list under “Animations”

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For models with animations, another fast option is to export it to FBX and just convert using AssetImporter.

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Or unmute the NLA track named [Action Stash] and Push Down the other animations.

Since you wouldn’t want to export pose libraries.

I feel like a guide on doing animations in Blender might be useful. I’m able to get it done, but I’m certain I’m not really doing it ‘right’. The Blender animation system has gotten pretty complex lately.

I agree, that’s why this 2 step works for me

Blender (FBX) -> AssetImporter (MDL + ANI)

Of course the FBX exports settings needs to setup properly, depending on your animations or preference.

I think it’s quite sensible. Once you understand that many 3D viewport commands apply in the Graph Editor too, as well as the Fake user concept for saving unused Datablocks… in my experience it works really well.

For looping animations it’s best to set the start frame to be 1 (in the NLA Editor after pushing down) and have an identical key set on the 0th and last frames, btw. This to avoid double frames while keeping the animation continuous. The Start at frame zero option should be disabled on the exporter in this case.
It’s also worth looking into F-Modifiers.

A proper rig can save a ton of work and improve your animations once you get the hang of constraints.

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Slightly off topic, I’ve recently investigated the longstanding issue reported by Vivienne here, which plagues MakeHuman users (and everyone of us to a lesser degree).

From the tests I’ve ran, the boost at export can range from seconds to minutes for average users, depending on number of bones and animation length. For MakeHuman users it can save hours or days.

You can find details here .Testers are welcome :rabbit:

Lots of thanks, it did the trick. However, I’ve faced with two more problems:

  1. Exported model has some bones, which stick out from the model. Is this an export bug or have I done something wrong?
  2. The model is rotated clockwise on 90 degrees. Can I somehow reset this rotation during the export process?

I will definitely try it, thanks. :slight_smile:

you can select forward direction in export settings

Sure thing. Here’s the Wolf file loaded and exported using Blender FBX to AssetImporter in less than a minute with your animations.

Takes 4 seconds when checking ‘Read actions by Fcurves’ option.

Can you please post the exact arguments you supplied to AssetImporter? I’ve failed to export animation properly and furthermore the model is rotated on 180 degrees.

Try this…

Assetimporter model Wolf.fbx Wolf.mdl

Usually the animations are separate and I have noticed in this file, the animations are also exported with just the model option. You can also configure the FBX export orientation with Forward and Up option.