Procedural 3D dungeon generation WIP


i will surely release the code later but for now, here are some pics.

[spoiler]i need to fix a few things but it’s starting to look like something at last.
(sorry for the lack of light, it’s just temporally anyway)

when it goes well :mrgreen:

when it doesn’t ^^;


edit :

I would love to see your implementation. How are you handling UV’s on the generated meshes?

here is, i hope, my last compiling code. that do a while i didn’t touch it and since i wanted to remake it all kinda differently, i’m not sure about it. the collision check wasn’t working as i expected… (click on

my texture is just a 8x8 grid and my meshes are not generated but pre-made so i handle the uv mapping with blender.

OH! Now i get it. You’re basically stitching them together in realtime, based on preconfigured “ports”. That’s really smart.

i tryed to follow this tuto.

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