Procedural Class


I have been playing with the procuderal code which now works in a class not as a hack image class modification. So, it can be applied to anything that uses a image. The code is at the below link. Any addition or help would be appeciated. … rocedural/

I generated some images and most of it is self explanatory although ad-hoc. The cmakelists.txt have to be modified to have the directory Procedural as source code. I did not update my client game login but the code works.

So my goal is to play around with a generate scene code utilizing the terrain and planet rules, make the code faster, also add offsetx/y, scalexy/y to the diamond displacement method.

Testing Code

[code]/// Initilalize procedural
proceduralMap -> Initialize(1024,1024);
proceduralMap -> SetOffSets(0,0);
proceduralImage -> SetSize(1024,1024, 1, 4);

/// Test procedual generation
proceduralMap -> SetOctaves(4,0.25f,true,0.9f,0.5f,0.5f,0.5f,0.5f,0.5f,0.5f,0.5f);
//proceduralMap -> GenerateProceduralTerrain(terrainRule);
proceduralMap -> GenerateProceduralDiamond(.8);

/// Copy Procedual to Image Data
proceduralImage -> SetData(proceduralMap -> GetImage());

/// Save Procedual to a file
proceduralImage -> SavePNG(String("/media/home2/vivienne/Existence/Bin/testclass.png"));