Spooky vehicular puzzle and exploration. 5 mins worth of experimental gameplay I’ve made in two weeks for local game jam event.

In this game you are using remote controlled rover to unthread the secret of mysterious pyramid. The key feature is the fact, that rover transmits you the picture slowly, one line at a time. You can switch to faster scanning speed, but then it will skip the lines and picture will loose in detail. You can beat the game by collecting three magic crystals. Make sure to wear your headphones, I’ve put some effort into audio.

Download link, windows, but it’s script only, so you can replace binary and run it on any platform:

Dropbox: …
Google Drive: … WJrV1E5NzA


Will apreciate any feedback, thank you for attention.

The concept is cool, I can imagine it being used in some sort of top down RTS game similar to Command & Conquer.
Though the camera update rate is unbearably slow or unbearably low quality, which makes driving annoying because you have to stop every half second.

Well done! An interesting concept.
Bonus for patience as a factor… and it could be a much greater factor with dangerous obstacles or time/battery limits. :smiling_imp:
Bonus for immersive audio and ambidex controls. :smiley:

But that is the whole point, to force you to move slowly. And low quality and movement distortions should provide spookier atmosphere.

I don’t want to rush players too much. I was thinking about zones with radio interference, you drive in, your vision start to drawn into noise and analog artifacts, and you can lose your rover completely.

added alternative download link and walkthrough video.