Props to devs

I remember a few years back when I first saw urho 3d, nothing more than a toy project. It’s my great surprise to find out that the direction of the project changed towards a game engine, and on top of that it is quite feature rich, very nice, light weight API that feels like home, coming from Unity.

Big thanks to the devs for this great tool, I’ll be using this for at least a few projects to see how it fits my needs !

Welcome and thanks for your comments.

Urho3D becoming more serious and larger in scope is largely thanks to our growing number of contributors. I believe the aim was to be a game engine from the start, but it took some time before it could develop beyond the “toy” stage. :smiley:

After looking at the C++ demos, I am really impressed. Also, there is a robust editor to boot. I am totally going to make some games with it. The character demo was just the sort of example I was looking for.