Qt based 2D particle editor for Urho3D

A guy (xujingsy) and me have wrote a Qt based 2D particle editor for Urho3D.



QDarkStyle skin added.

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Wow ! This is extremely cool :astonished:

And it’s working quite well on my first try :smiley:

This is really nice! It is also really cruel because it teases me in thinking I could make something cool looking.

A great addition to Urho2D toolset, many thanks Aster :stuck_out_tongue:
I especially like QDarkStyle.

Fantastic work, Aster!

It works like a charm. I had to download Visual Studio 2012 redistributable from microsoft.com/en-US/download … x?id=30679 to make it work, though.
I’ve always wondered how Urho3D would fit within Qt, and it seems it does perfectly.

The code is clean and very understandable. Very good work.

Very nice tool! Thanks for sharing.

I have added these needed dlls, thanks.