I am using QT5 based URHO_OPENGL.
sample of URHO3D(vs2015) works normally with the opengl shader (test.glsl).
But … using the shader in the development QT project (test.hlsl).
ERROR: Could not find resource Shaders/HLSL/test.hlsl
How do I use .glsl in a new QT project?
Anything I missed?

os: window10
urho3d / 1.7

Sorry … I used Google Translator.


No problem, I think.
You may want to symlink or copy Urho/CoreData and Urho/Data folders (which Urho automatically uses) to your application’s working directory. (A similar step is performed when building Urho, which puts those resource directory symlinks into bin/ where they will be found by samples).

Some references for resources
Urho3D - Documentation - Resources
Urho3D/Sample.inl at master · urho3d/Urho3D · GitHub
Urho3D - Documentation - Engine initialization and main loop

GLSL shaders are used by default except on MS Windows platform, in which case you can run cmake (or cmake_*.sh) with -D URHO3D_OPENGL=1