🧙 QtCreator Class and Project Wizards

Placing, or linking to (ln -s), the templates folder inside the ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/ folder (in Linux) will add both an Urho3D Project and an Urho3D C++ Class to the New File or Project dialog in QtCreator.

Feel free to fork and modify these wizards to your own liking. Pull requests are also welcome.

Class wizard

In case of the class wizard this will open a dialog allowing you to name your new class and specify its base class. Instead of typing the name of the base class there’s also a drop down containing a selection of commonly inherited-from Urho3D classes to pick from.

Project wizard

When creating a project with the wizard it should compile after linking to the Urho3D directory from inside the project folder. Don’t forget to link to resource folders from inside each build directory as well.

If CodeBlocks is your IDE of choice there’s also a project wizard for that.


Awesome! Actually, you can place custom wizards into ~/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/templates/wizards/, not /usr/share/…, they’ll be local for user

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Ah thanks, that saves some sudoing. :slight_smile:

Txx, this is useful!

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I just extended the class wizard somewhat. When creating a class that inherits from either Component, LogicComponent, Serializable, Drawable, Resource or ResourceWithMetadata all virtual functions of the base class will now be overridden with a minimal function.