Question regarding Frame Updates

I have a question about something simple - the world position of objects. It sounds simple, yes?

I have a 3D animated model, here’s how it slots into the game scene:

So, in the DelayedStart method, I note the starting world position of the node that owns KinematicCharacterController - it reports the world position as <0,1,0>
And in the Update method, I detect the difference between the current world position of (owner node), and the starting position. Current world position is <0,8,4>, yet the animation controller should not have run yet - this is the update method of the first frame - also physics has not yet run - so why has my node moved?
Could it be that physics is running one frame before update, and doing my head in?

I solved this one - my model’s node was being teleported to match that of the character’s physics hull, which had a hardcoded starting position.

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