Question regarding Physics RaycastSingle inaccuracy

Dave, as an experiment, would you mind grabbing the latest build from the repo? I’ll send you my codeblocks project, you can confirm or deny the issue based on me telling you where to set the breakpoint, it would help me immensely to sleep at night knowing im right

Well i can’t promise anything… i’m most likely on a road somewhere and when get home i’m dead tired and i barely have time to sit and do anything programming related…

I’ve just disabled the construction of unrelated junk in the scene, so I can more easily and clearly see exactly what’s going on - I’ve added some debug code in the engine, and doublechecked that all rigidbodies have appropriate layer and mask values.
Currently, the issue persists.

I’m struggling with time as well, I get home from work, cook dinner, try to relax, code a bit, and its time for bed.