Quick reminder for the newbies subclassing from UI elements

@Leith I don’t think this is true at all. Apart from the fact that some changes should be resisted, more often progress is welcomed by the community but left unfinished by the loudmouth that bites off more than (s)he can chew.

Planning a journey is not the same as refusing to travel… also there’s no team in hitchhiking. :ghost::+1:


I’m an agent of (hopefully, positive) change, it is my nature to question the status quo, and find fault in the machine. I am a systems analyst among other titles, it’s hard not to apply that to everything that comes my way. So far I have issued a range of suggestions for improving Urho, but the only one that has been well-received is also the only one that could break existing projects. I don’t really know what to make of that :slight_smile:

You can always fork/branch and PR. Atomic went this way of changing too much, look at where it is now…

Panta rhei is the status quo, although sometimes the flow may seem viscous to the point of asphalt. :volcano:

In some point when your changes gone radically different and you don’t want to fork - you can try to convince everybody else about major version update, 2.0, in this situation people can accept compatibility breaks without arguing too much. And it seems more reasonable instead of working on you own with your fork with the same kind of updates. But you need to convince the rest of active community to do that and make rough plans about the future.

Man, I have not made any game breaking changes. I would like you, or anyone, possibly an ass hat, to show me where I ever did. I have some changes in mind. I will offer them back. Free of charge.

thats not my intent, and heres some more character to meet the 20 character quota

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