Rama - low-end survival game clone


Hello. Last christmas I became obsessed with a popular multiplayer survival shooter game. Since my laptop could barely run it I decided to write a “low-end” clone of it, that’s how this project got started. I’ve been working on it intermittently since then and have been wanting to show it somewhere. Checked some of the other showcased games and it seems no one expects finished products here. I’ve made two videos showcasing pretty much everything you can do in the game so far, which I now realise really isn’t much…

Here are the videos

More or less everything is made by me, some graphics I’ve found on opengameart.com (icons, trees), I made the rest. I am aware of how awful everything looks, but I haven’t been focusing on making things look nice, more like the opposite, trying to make the game run on a really old laptop (hence adding the awful LOD you might see).

EDIT: I would love to playtest this with someone, it is multiplayer, but I have never tried it with another person.


Hey. I like the crafting system. I would like to try it.


all nice…

building scene , i remember a unity or unreal building assets…