Random projects shots



A topic to quickly share screenshots from your projects wip or works using urho3d.
I can’t wait to see cool graphics using this great engine :wink:



I dont think i will beat having life is strange in Urho, but i do have some work to show. I have been working on improving Urhos renderer as many of you know, recently i started work on Sub-Surface Scattering that can be use on many many materials including skin. Here are some images of my work.



@magic.lixin: really cool
@dragonCASTjosh: you make an awesome work
@ghidra: strange, what’s that ?

A particle editor with emitter hierarchy I’m workin on:


@dakilla, I like the idea. How’s your progress?


Most parts are done… It remains to finish the editor and tune all :wink:


We are hard at work on a new IOgram release. A few of the recent successes:

Runs great on linux! And you can target Linux in the build system…

Same with OSX, although the Retina thing has proved a bit of a challenge. Found a fix, though.

Sweet new LineRenderer:


Working on a Debug UI


@godan Did you use the standard Urho3D UI?


Some shader work I have recently started working on again.


@cosmy yep, urho ui all the way.


After a months-long hiatus, I’ve started working again on my game, Goblinson Crusoe which is a turn-based RPG taking place on a hex grid. You play the role of a young goblin wizard apprentice working to pass your trials and become a full-fledged goblin wizard. Some shots:


That’s looking pretty good.

Looks like the lights are burning the textures though, I’d suggest looking at loading textures with sRGB=true and then maybe using gamma correction post process.


Added a metallic effect with screen-space IBL.





Experimenting with vector field terrains, I wrote an export script in blender to export sculpted terrains into vector field texture, and made some hacks to urho terrain to load them (incomplete progress):


I’m working on an FPS where the guns fire automatically and your goal is to not shoot people. I’m kind of aiming for Quake II graphics so I can finish the game eventually, but I have this neat thing going on with the diffuse shader that makes it look kinda cartoony.