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Looks good. Also, here’s some more screenshots of the PBR stuff.PBR_ForumExample_0 Rim Lighting PBR_ForumExample_1 Shiny plastic, stone, and generic gold-ish metal PBR_ForumExample_2 PBR metalness & roughness chart PBR_ForumExample_3 Lil’ test asset I got off Sketchfab (same one as in the video)


Looks great. What are your HDR settings? I fill like I always gets HDR wrong.

i7-2600 with gtx 1050Ti. GPU acceleration was used, but after posting video I’ve noticed that I made mistake in setup and didn’t take full advantege of it in collision detection.
@QBkGames my plan is to share it in form of library (kind of ‘addond’), but right now I cannot tell when it will be ready (or at least in a state that will allow me to share it).

@lezak Sharing has a potentially incredible progress:effort ratio at any stage. :alembic:

It’s asteroids, but 3D


Particles with normal mapping and light correction, still needs some art’s work but I like so far :grinning:


Smoking mushrooms, eh?

I recently did something similar replacing the Razors in heXon with animated billboards that have a diffuse, normal and emissive texture:



That looks very nice!

I did not realize haha I always use that scene for the tests

How did you correct the rotation of the particle? so that the lighting looks good.
This was the result without passing the rotation to the shader

I was unaware of that problem because the razor sprites do not rotate, but the lighting may be a bit off. How did you fix it?
Also, did you consider adding a depth texture? And maybe some colorful lights in the test scene.

I pass the rotation instead of the color in the vertex, and then in shader
apply the rotation to the vector of the bitangent. I still need a better way to pass the rotation.

I had not considered a depth texture, but it may look good. I plan to improve the scene with lights and maybe add more cloud shapes.

This is inspired by this tweet

I think this technique could make some awesome fires using a pre-rendered smoke/fire simulation. Though I guess it would be tricky to extract a normal map from a point cloud, AwesomeBump may do.

Computing the normal map from the distribution map of a point cloud could help to accelerate that concept - in other words, if we have a parametric definition of a surface, we can easily extract local information - spherical harmonic lighting is a good example of baking 3d detail into a queriable equation with minimum number of parameters

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Got networked multiplayer working. We don’t have client side prediction yet, but the components were written with this in mind


Asteroids? lol! I grew up in an arcade, where the owner held the current world record for asteroids. Later I became a family friend. Asteroids? Lol. It’s not that I don’t like the twist on the concept, but it’s rather old news in terms of gameplay? Still, I do like the execution! Best of luck, it could catch on.


I think the core mechanics of asteroids are just as valid today as they were in 1979. It’s just a matter of building on those mechanics to make it a new experience.

The addition of walls will add more focus on maneuverability and I plan on having a skill tree for weapons/health/movement upgrades. I think there’s a lot of potential here.

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@TheComet Do you know Geometry Wars 3? It may inspire and help you be original.

…maybe cross-breed it with Marble Marcher? :eyes:

See also:

Not a screenshot, but graphics none the less: I think I have the gangs for OG Tatt down including emblems and colours. Pick your favourites, if you like. Poll results will guide development priority.

  • Tourists
  • X-Terminators
  • Chaos Squad
  • Lagoonies
  • Police Force Now!
  • Untied Morons o’ Murky
  • Obscurinati
  • Confusians
  • Hippies
  • Luciferians
  • SubGenii
  • Bio-Front
  • Association of Autonomous Astronauts
  • Zebratools Inc.
  • Panterae Byssi

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After posting PhysX test video I got some other stuff to do, so it’s been a while, but finally in this week or at the beginning of next one, I’ll be able to share this with community.
Just some really small editor & joints preview:


Minecraft-style voxels with slopes (run in a re-purposed copy of one of the samples). Eventually this will be an editor used to make the landscape for my game.