Random projects shots


Now that I have more free time. I’m going to try and make a better environment.


can it be launched as an in-game editor ?

Editor is a wrapper around the game, not the other way around. You can launch your game inside editor much like in unity. Of course it is way easier to crash editor from your own code because c++ and because engine was not designed with this functionality in mind. Not a big deal though, because editor starts fairly fast and it is no different than debugging your game without editor and crashing it.

do you have a base version that works with the original urho3D ? I’d like to integrate it independently of your engine fork.

There is an older standalone version that i ported from my fork. https://github.com/rokups/Urho3D-Toolbox
It was not updated for a long time and i do not intend to continue on it. This is both because dealing with build system of upstream Urho3D is annoying and because at times changes are needed to the engine to make certain things work (C# especially). Also i have zero desire to deal with manual script integration of upstream Urho3D, especially angelscript.


Worked a bit more on the embedded server thing today:

Scenes/Nodes/Components are inspectable (not all fields editable, not sure if they all should be),

Lambda commands can be registered (run in E_BEGINFRAME) in addition the existing text/image publishing.

Only a few fingers of things left to go and I’ll toss it onto github (just “wow, I really botched that” stuff).


Demo with halo 2 masterchief. Has controls for running, jumping, moving left,right, and backwards.


Physics Fun


Making a halo fan game? Or is this all just tests?


Yeah fan game lol. I was always a big fan of halo ce, and halo 2. I use to mod them on halo ce, so I know the models, and animations very well. Also 3d max like the back of my hand.


Cool, let me know if you need anything graphics related (art, shaders, etc.). I’ve been practicing and giving out my work when I feel it’s ready.


Added proper color changing to the default shaders that come with urho3d. This allows you to set any color for a character based off a texture lookup that defines the areas of a texture that you want to be affected by color change.


Custom passes for skies.


Very cool! Aside from colors being a bit washed out this is looking really nice.


I think some of that is due to the hdr, and eye adaptation effect. Some of the background items are lacking there detail textures. I have not made a shader for this yet.


Added new blending modes to urho3d. I used them to blend the stars in the sky model. I also tweaked the AutoExposure, and HDR. They still look the same to me I could be wrong.


Added detail textures for the bland look on some things. This helped the tone mapping grey-out affect on some things in the scene.


How did you do detail textures? Really cool!


I just extended the shader that comes with Urho3d. Then you call the custom pixel shader define for that particular material that is using the detail texture.


@smellymumbler Do you want the code? It’s for HLSL though. It can easily be applied to GLSL.


That would be great! Did you follow any tutorial or article?


No. I have a lot of experience with shaders from my time working with Irrlicht Engine.


Here is a demo of my crappy rocket launcher.
Rocket Launcher Demo