Random projects shots


Added multiplayer emblems:


Here is the code for the LitSolid.hlsl shader. Make sure you are using forward rendering otherwise this will not work.

// Get material diffuse albedo
    #ifdef DIFFMAP
        float4 diffInput = Sample2D(DiffMap, iTexCoord.xy);
        #ifdef ALPHAMASK
            if (diffInput.a < 0.5)
		float4 diffColor = cMatDiffColor * diffInput;
				#ifdef CHANGECOLOR		
                               // Removed this code becuase you don't need this part.
					float4 detail = Sample2D(detailMap, iTexCoord.xy * 32.0f);
					diffColor = cMatDiffColor * Multiply(diffInput , detail);	

        float4 diffColor = cMatDiffColor;

Put this in your material file:
<shader psdefines= "DetailNoColorChange" />


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Are you using HDR?


No, I do not use HDR. In fact, I have never used it and may be I should look out at what it is exactly and how can I set it up.
If you have already used HDR in images, I can be interested to have your feedback.


I’ve used HDR in Urho3d, but not hdr images such as an hdr skybox.


Know HDRI Haven if you do.

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Love that site. It’s great



Fixed HDR greyout effect. Also added a cheap shield effect. It’s hard to see it animate in a picture though.


Just finished my navmesh based pathfinding system. I currently gave up on Recast because it handles things very strangely.Also i ran into problems every time i rebuild recast navmesh the detour crowd becomes invalid (the internal crowd_ pointer is null for some reason.) So i picked up my clunky navigation , polished it and this is what i have so far.

The purple line is the path , the red lines are the bounding edges.Works so far , i tried it with very complex zig-zaggy mesh and always worked flawlessly. Some diferences between Recast an mine :

  • Works on XZ plane. No slopes and other unrealistic crap. The pathfinding is done in 3d but the final Y is decided by the level geometry not the navmesh.
  • Automatically picks the closest layer to the character feet. With Recast i had some issues if the enemy is slightly above the navmesh it just doesn’t work anymore (probably i miss some setting)
  • I use the real mesh when i build the nav mesh and keep the distance from walls corners by pushing the path points towards normals using the NPC/ Character radius. As i see Recast does this totally the opposite. Builds the navmesh by pushing the navmesh points using the radius. This could led to a problem if the mesh has narrow paths the navmesh is not built (no enough space). Both solutions lead to the same pitfall except in my version i have full controll what happens if the NPC is off navmesh.

So all in all if i can’t get the steering working properly i will most likely return to Recast but i just want to try something new. :smiley:


We should also consider updating the Recast/Detour library to the latest (stable) build which could have useful bug fixes and improvements. I (might be wrong but I) suspect it hasn’t been updated in a while. Might be more efficient than reinventing the wheel.
It’s cool though that you have know-how to write your own pathfinding system :+1:.


So your saying I should use your project lol.


Haha . The “project” (if we can even call it that) , is far from usable. The pathfinding works nicely but still struggling with realistic path smoothing and collision avoidance…

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Ah I see. Smoke and Mirrors.


Play as the bogeyman from SilentHill.


Working on Masterchief vs. Bogeyman? :wink:


LOL. No just a bunch of character demos.


Working on a comic book shader. Adds some nice crosshatching. Everything is per-pixel so you can use this with normal maps and specular highlights.


Pretty cool - “Sin City” style. It’s quite a unique look with the cross-hatching. Very lo-fi comicbook. I like it :slight_smile:

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