Random projects shots


Added multiplayer emblems:


Here is the code for the LitSolid.hlsl shader. Make sure you are using forward rendering otherwise this will not work.

// Get material diffuse albedo
    #ifdef DIFFMAP
        float4 diffInput = Sample2D(DiffMap, iTexCoord.xy);
        #ifdef ALPHAMASK
            if (diffInput.a < 0.5)
		float4 diffColor = cMatDiffColor * diffInput;
				#ifdef CHANGECOLOR		
                               // Removed this code becuase you don't need this part.
					float4 detail = Sample2D(detailMap, iTexCoord.xy * 32.0f);
					diffColor = cMatDiffColor * Multiply(diffInput , detail);	

        float4 diffColor = cMatDiffColor;

Put this in your material file:
<shader psdefines= "DetailNoColorChange" />




Are you using HDR?


No, I do not use HDR. In fact, I have never used it and may be I should look out at what it is exactly and how can I set it up.
If you have already used HDR in images, I can be interested to have your feedback.


I’ve used HDR in Urho3d, but not hdr images such as an hdr skybox.


Know HDRI Haven if you do.


Love that site. It’s great




Fixed HDR greyout effect. Also added a cheap shield effect. It’s hard to see it animate in a picture though.


Just finished my navmesh based pathfinding system. I currently gave up on Recast because it handles things very strangely.Also i ran into problems every time i rebuild recast navmesh the detour crowd becomes invalid (the internal crowd_ pointer is null for some reason.) So i picked up my clunky navigation , polished it and this is what i have so far.

The purple line is the path , the red lines are the bounding edges.Works so far , i tried it with very complex zig-zaggy mesh and always worked flawlessly. Some diferences between Recast an mine :

  • Works on XZ plane. No slopes and other unrealistic crap. The pathfinding is done in 3d but the final Y is decided by the level geometry not the navmesh.
  • Automatically picks the closest layer to the character feet. With Recast i had some issues if the enemy is slightly above the navmesh it just doesn’t work anymore (probably i miss some setting)
  • I use the real mesh when i build the nav mesh and keep the distance from walls corners by pushing the path points towards normals using the NPC/ Character radius. As i see Recast does this totally the opposite. Builds the navmesh by pushing the navmesh points using the radius. This could led to a problem if the mesh has narrow paths the navmesh is not built (no enough space). Both solutions lead to the same pitfall except in my version i have full controll what happens if the NPC is off navmesh.

So all in all if i can’t get the steering working properly i will most likely return to Recast but i just want to try something new. :smiley:


We should also consider updating the Recast/Detour library to the latest (stable) build which could have useful bug fixes and improvements. I (might be wrong but I) suspect it hasn’t been updated in a while. Might be more efficient than reinventing the wheel.
It’s cool though that you have know-how to write your own pathfinding system :+1:.


So your saying I should use your project lol.


Haha . The “project” (if we can even call it that) , is far from usable. The pathfinding works nicely but still struggling with realistic path smoothing and collision avoidance…


Ah I see. Smoke and Mirrors.


Play as the bogeyman from SilentHill.


Working on Masterchief vs. Bogeyman? :wink:


LOL. No just a bunch of character demos.