Random projects shots


Here is a demo of my crappy rocket launcher.
Rocket Launcher Demo


Added multiplayer emblems:


Here is the code for the LitSolid.hlsl shader. Make sure you are using forward rendering otherwise this will not work.

// Get material diffuse albedo
    #ifdef DIFFMAP
        float4 diffInput = Sample2D(DiffMap, iTexCoord.xy);
        #ifdef ALPHAMASK
            if (diffInput.a < 0.5)
		float4 diffColor = cMatDiffColor * diffInput;
				#ifdef CHANGECOLOR		
                               // Removed this code becuase you don't need this part.
					float4 detail = Sample2D(detailMap, iTexCoord.xy * 32.0f);
					diffColor = cMatDiffColor * Multiply(diffInput , detail);	

        float4 diffColor = cMatDiffColor;

Put this in your material file:
<shader psdefines= "DetailNoColorChange" />




Are you using HDR?


No, I do not use HDR. In fact, I have never used it and may be I should look out at what it is exactly and how can I set it up.
If you have already used HDR in images, I can be interested to have your feedback.


I’ve used HDR in Urho3d, but not hdr images such as an hdr skybox.


Know HDRI Haven if you do.


Love that site. It’s great