Raycasting from moving rigid body

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Is it currently possible to raycast while a rigid body is moving. I am trying to predict impact point . And that’s the only method I can think of.

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Do you mean this Raycasting ? You will need two things to do this: 1 - vector - start world position point and 2. - direction, for build ray. Then you should perform raycast query and call octree->RaycastSingle(query); it write hits if its has been to PODVector results;

[code] float maxDistance = 100.0f;
Ray Ray = Ray(position, direction)

// Pick only geometry objects, not eg. zones or lights, only get the first (closest) hit
PODVector<RayQueryResult> results;
RayOctreeQuery query(results, Ray, RAY_TRIANGLE, maxDistance, DRAWABLE_GEOMETRY, -1);
Octree* octree = scene_->GetComponent<Octree>();

if (results.Size())
	RayQueryResult& result = results[0];
	hitPos = result.position_;
	hitDrawable = result.drawable_;
	return true;

return false;[/code]

Thanks, but I am trying to query a moving rigid body. Send a ray from the rigid body’s centroid use the velocity as direction of the toward a passive body so that I can predict the impact.
The question is can I can query velocity and centroid of moving rigid body ?

Centroid per say is not calculated, closest available is RigidBody::GetCenterOfMass. Direction wise RigidBody also provides GetLinearVelocity and GetAngularVelocity and Node provides GetWorldDirection providing the forward direction updated by the RigidBody movement.

Thanks these will be useful.