RE: To rbfx and not to rbfx

Yes, it’s bad.
Really bad.
Really really bad.
Really really really bad.

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Since rbfx is so promising, why not use rbfx instead.

Also, apparently Github has “forum” (Discussion tab) support now. Maybe ask rbfx to enable it on their Github so they can finally have a forum.

It looks interesting. Is it possible to download a forum using a git client the same way as wiki?

Hi @adhoc99 , don’t misunderstand me, I’m working on Urho3D some times and recently just contributed a little to the project when I got some vocation.

If you look at the rendering subsystem of Urho3D closely, you’d find there is surely need more work. For the future of Urho, it needs improvements, a lot. Additionally, Eugene is also one of the main maintainers of Urho for a long time.

I took a look at the Discussion documentation but couldn’t find an option for that at the moment. Apparently it looks more like the issue system than the wiki system.

I don’t really see a point in talking about it now, since upstream community has already declined to accept these changes.

We had this discussion year ago, and significant portion of Urho community has refused to accept breaking changes from the fork to upstream repo. And I respect others’ choises even if I don’t agree with them.

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I know that you are afraid of telemetry, but elix22 work is not Microsoft’s work.

Everything you do now a day is monitored. E.g. Google record everything you do on android phone, Windows record things you do on windows, Apple record everything you do on Apple’s phone etc… Now stop using them. When you go to the web, website track your interest with AI and display your last view items. Now, do you stop using the internet too?

.Net core is opensource. Just disable what ever function you wanted…

Guess we have to run in terror at v1 and v2 UUIDs because how dare someone other than me be able to use hard work to figure out my mac-address from a bunch of UUIDs … when my mac address is already used pretty much everywhere /s.

Telemetry and sysinfo arguments are tiresome because when someone complains about basic telemetry data they’re likely also complaining about Wirth’s Law or “planned obsolescence” somewhere else.

Do you expect platform vendors to just magically divine the decisions they need to make in regards to their targets to support?

The last time MS made “magical” decisions … we got Silverlight.

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No, just not oblivious to it. Some people actually care about privacy.

Maybe use Startpage or DuckDuckGo instead of Google, LineageOS instead of Android, Linux instead of Windows or MacOS, Firefox instead of Chrome, and NoScript, uBlockOrigin, TOR, /etc/hosts, etc.

And being opensource doesn’t make it good in the slightest. It and C# are still horribly slow.

duckduckgo knows everything you do. When you are on the internet, really there is no privacy.

How big is the game you are making? 100 players? 1000 players? The wrapper is auto generated, so if you are developing in C++ then it does not effect you.

Telemetry is what’s bothering you people? If anything, I’m against C# simply because it requires another compiler. Angelscript is interpreted letting you edit it faster and could be later compiled for release

I don’t like C# simply because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I just like C++ more, nothing else.

Yes, you have good point too. C# introduces too much build complexity into project, I just don’t trust it to be reliable and stable.

The linux crowd is getting very very loud despite the OS not being a viable target.

Even when Valve tried to hamfist it into a target it failed.

Nixer’s and AMD/ATI fanboys would shit themselves if I had free reign in the graphics code. Fuck AMD if they won’t offer competitive APIs to VR-works or NV’s fast-gs. Intel has a fast path, why is that so hard for AMD?

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Have you heard anything about android?

Embroiled waist deep in lawsuits that will end the platform if they lose.

The lawsuits concern only the virtual machine, not linux (which is not a operating system, but a kernel). They have plans to create their own virtual machine. In addition, Linux turned the software world upside down, it made even Microsoft pay attention to open source.

No, they concern the app market as a whole. Gacha games in particular have come under attack as most use a “complete” model that is illegal in most countries so many games have had to change their model like SMT-DX2 where they ceased the loop on upgrades and added a spirit mechanic to dodge the law.

In any case, when the Chinese say they need to switch to linux, the whole world will switch to linux xD

You can bet on that , I am not affiliated to Microsoft in any way :slight_smile:
Actually after 20 years as a professional in the Software industry and with Covid’s help I decided to take a year off and relax this year (I can afford it) .

As a C++/C developer all my professional life , I was actually very surprised by the really good performance of Urho.Net , specifically on mobiles (Mono runtime) .
It’s actually has fast edit/compile iteration time , on par with AngleScript or any other scripting language.
AngleScript runtime is actually much slower than the Mono runtime(I actually did some benchmarks on a bunch of scripting runtimes …)
AngleScript doesn’t have any good IDE support as opposed to C# (Visual-Studio-Code is just perfect in my opinion)

I am not trying to convince anyone or sell anything
By the end of the day Urho3D is just a middleware , the end-goal objective is to create fun enjoyable games .
Everyone should feel free and comfortable to use any language and platform to bring their creative games into live.

A very valid question about new renderer turns into bikeshedding fest. This is why upstream can not have nice things.